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Saturday, 24 December 2016


Magnetic Quantum number determines --
Ans : Orientation of orbitals

Scurvy is caused due to deficiency of --
Ans : Vitamin C 

Which one is weak acid --
Ans : Citric Acid 

Which scientist was developed " Key " for identification of Animal--
Ans : Jon Ray 

Seedless fruits are of no use in --
Ans : Coconut 

Fibres of cotton are obtained form --
Ans : Seed Coat  

Silk is obtained form wihich stage of silk worm --
Ans : Pupa

Vivipary germinations are found in --
Ans : Mangrove Plants

HIV mainly infects --
Ans : Helper Lymphocytes

Down's syndrome is caused due to --
Ans : Trisomy of 21st Chromosome

Which one of the following plants keep its stomata open during the night and close during the day --
Ans : Cactus

Which equation shows the reaction of Photosynthesis --
Ans : 6 CO
2 + 12 H2O ----> C6 H12 O6 + 6O2 + 6H2 O

The meaning of unification of teaching skills is --
Ans : To choose proper teaching skills in one lesson.

Which of the following is not included in effective aspect --
Ans : Analysis

The first thing which is consider in lesson plan is --
Ans : Object

The values of Science for nature is --
Ans : Reality

The quality of creative students is --
Ans : Anxious

The Change in temperature of a body is 50 Degree, the change in temperature on the Kelvin Scale is --
Ans : 50 K

Three wire of resistance 1 ohm, 2 ohm and 3 ohm respectively are connected in parallel. The equivalent resistance of the circuit is --
Ans : 6 / 11 ohm

The relation between speed of sound (v) and absolute temperatuter (t) in a gas is --
Ans : V Praposnal root T

Total internal reflection is possible when light travels form --
Ans : Glass to Water

The momentum of particle having mass m, is p. its kinetic energy will be --
Ans :P2 / 2m

The potential difference across a conductor of resistivity e is  constant. The heat generate in the conductor is directly proportional to --
Ans : 1/e

The given logic symbol represents --
Ans : AND Gate 

The catalyst used in hydrogenation of oil is --
Ans : Ni

Which of the following gives white precipitate, with amonical silver nitrate solution --
Ans : C2H2 Acetylene

Number of moles in 128 gm of SO
2 will be --
Ans : 2 Mole

The oxidation state of Iron in Fe ( CO )
5 is --
Ans : 0

Compound responsible for temporary hardness of water is --
Ans : Mg(HCO

Thursday, 22 December 2016

UP TET 2016 Paper, UPTET

UP TET 2016 Social Studies 

Question:  United Nations Organisation was established on
(1)24 October, 1945
(2) 25 Ocrober, 1945
(3) 26 October, 1945
( 4) 25 October. 1948
Answer: 24 October, 1945, Lake Success, New York, United States
Question:  The minimum age limit for the membership of Gram Panchayats is
(I) 18 years (2) 21 years
(3) 25 years ( 4) 30 years
Answer: 21 Years
Question:  The Supreme Court of India enunciated the Doctrine of Basic Structure of Constitution in the
(1) Keshwanand Bharti Case
(2) Shankari Prasad Case
(3) Saijan Singh Case
(4) Golak Nath Case
Answer: Keshwanand Bharti Case
Question:  The Indian Constitution provides for the appointment of Ad hoc judges in the
(1 ) High Court
(2) District and Session Court
(3) Parliament
(4) Supreme Court
Answer: Supreme Court
Question:  Who decides whether a Bill is Money Bill or not?
(I) President of India
(2) Finance Minister of India
(3) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(4) Speaker of Lok Sabha
Answer: Speaker of Lok Sabha
Question:   Who said, “Education is bipolar” ?
( I) Adams
(2) Frobel
(3) D. V.
(4) O .B. Smith
Answer: Adams
Question:   Which subject is not included in social science at upper primary level ?
( 1) Philosophy
(2) Political Science
(3) Geography
(4) History
Answer: Philosophy
Question:  Which one of the following is not a quality of Lecture Method ?
(I) It saves time and power.
(2) Development of reasoning and thinking power.
(3) Reading content can be made more cleared to the text-book.
(4) It leads to self-study habits in students.
Answer: It leads to self-study habits in students.
Question:  At which angle a teacher must stand while writing on black-board ?
(1) 55°
(2) 65°
(3) 45°
(4) 35°
Answer: 45°
Question:  Aims of social study teaching is
(1) development of cultural heritage
(2) developing national integrity and international understanding
(3) becoming a good citizen
(4) All of these
Answer: All of these
Question:  Of the following, which religion believes in ‘Triratna’ ?
(1) Buddhism
(2) Vaishnavism
(3) Shaivism
(4) Jainism
Answer: Jainism
Question:  Who wrote the drama ‘Malati Madhav’ ?
(1) Bhasa
(2) Kalidasa
(3) Bhavabhuti
(4) Banabhana
Answer: Bhavabhuti
Question:  Who had constructed the Jantar-Mantar at Delhi?
(I) Kini Singh
(2) Ajitmal
(3) Vijay Singh
(4) Jay Singh-ll
Answer: Jay Singh-ll
Question:  When was the Vernacular Press Act passed ?
(I) 1878
(2) 1880
(3) 1885
(4) 1888
Answer: 1878
Question:  The first President of the Indian National Congress was
1. A.O. Hume
2.W.C. Benerjee
3. Surendranath Benerjee
4. Mahaana Gandhi
Answer: W.C. Benerjee
Question:  Who staned the Bhudan movement ?
(1) Jaiprakash Narayan
2 Vinoba Bhave
3 J.B. Kipalani
4 Narsi Mehta
Answer: Vinoba Bhave
Question:  Who among the following was not associated with the Kakori case ?
1.Bhagat Singh
2. Ashfaqullafi Khan
3. Ramprasad Bismil
4. Rajendra Lahiri
Answer: Bhagat Singh
Question:  What was the similarity between Subandhu, Ghatkharpar, Shapnak, Veersen ?
( I) All of them were the rulers of Gujarat.
(2) All of them were the preacher of Buddhism.
(3) All of them were in the court of Chandragupta Vikramaditya.
(4) All of them were the preacher of Jainism.
Answer: All of them were in the court of Chandragupta Vikramaditya
Question:  Which of the following is paired correctly?
List-I                                          List-Il
A. Battle of Chousa              I. 1540 AD
B. Battle of Ghaghra            2. 1539 AD
C. Battle of Kannauj             3. 1576 AD
D. Battle of Haldighati         4. 1529 AD
Answer: Point 4 is the answer
Question:  Arrange the following in chronological order:
1. Warren Hastings
2. Clive
3. Lord Cornwallis
4. Lord Wellesley
( I) 4, 3, 2, 1 (2) 1, 2, 3, 4
(3) 3, 1, 4, 2 (4) 2, 1, 3, 4
Answer: 3
Question:  ‘Sundarbans’ are found in which of the following state of India ?
( I) Maharashua
(2) Gujarat
(3) Unar Pradesh
(4) West Bengal
Answer: West Bengal
Question:  On which of the following river is the Hirakud (Hirakund) multi-purpose project constructed ?
( 1) Mahanadi
(2) Chambal
(3) Satluj
(4) Yamuna
Answer: Mahanadi
Question:  Which of the following is the largest hot desert of the world ?
(l) Kalahari desert
(2) Atacama desert
(3) Sahara desert
( 4) Thar desert
Answer: Sahara desert
Question:  Which one of the following ocean currents has a warming influence on the neighbouring coast ?
(1) Oyashio
(2) Canaries
(3) Brazil
( 4) Benguela
Answer: Brazil
Question:  Drakensberg mountain is located in which of the following ?
( 1) China
(2) Switzerland
(3) South Africa
(4) Sri Lanka
Answer: South Africa
Question:  Which one of the following planets do not have a satellite ?
(I) Earth
(2) Mars
(3) Jupiter
(4) Mercury
Answer: Mercury
Question:  Silvassa is the capital of
( 1) Lakshadweep
(2) Dadra and Nagar Haveli
(3) Daman and Diu
(4) Arunachal Pradesh
Answer: Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Question:  Which of the following soils in India is ideal for cultivation of cotton ?
(l) Alluvial soil
(2) Red soil
(3) Black soil
(4) Laterite soil
Answer: Black Soil
Question:  Which of the following landforms is formed due to faulting ?
(1) Mushroom rock
(2) Moraine
(3) Rift-valley
(4) Doline
Answer: Rift-valley
Question:  In which of the following the lunar eclipse occurs ?
(1) Full Moon
(2) New Moon
(3) First Quadrature
(4) Third Quadrature
Answer: Full Moon
Question:   Chemical used for ripening of fruits
( 1) Methane
(2) Ethylene
(3) Sulphuric acid
( 4) Glucose
Answer: Ethylene
Question:  Source of papain is
(1) Mango
(3) Papaya
(2) Bel
(4) Banana
Answer: Papaya
Question:  Which part of Litchi fruit is eaten ?
(I) Pericarp
(2) Mesocarp
3 Fleshy Aril
(4) Endocarp
Answer: Fleshy Aril
Question:  National “Sport Day” is celebrated on
(1) 25 August
(2) 29 August
(3) 30 August
( 4) 31 August
Answer: 25 August
Question:  Modern Olympic Games started in
(1) 1886
(2) 1896
(3) 1906
(4) 1916
Answer: 1896
Question:  Doping test is done in players
(1) by Blood
(2) by Urine
(3) by Blood & lirine
(4) None of the above
Answer: by Blood & Urine
Question:  To whom Dronachatya Award is given ?
(1) Player
(2) Coach
(3) Teacher
(4) Scientist
Answer: Coach
Question:  Which Amendment added the word ‘secular’ in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution ?
(l) 41st Amendment
(2) 42nd Amendment
(3) 43rd Amendment
(4) 44th Amendment
Answer: 42nd Amendment
Question:  The seventeenth conference of NAM was held at
(1) Cairo
(2) Margherita
(3) Delhi
( 4) Lusaka
Answer: Margherita
Question:  Which one of the following statement is true about right to information ?
(1) It is a political right.
(2) It is a constitutional right.
(3) It is a legal right.
( 4) It is a social right.
Answer: It is a legal right
Question:  Which one of the following states does not have the bi-cameral legislature ?
(1) Tamil Nadu
(2) Karnataka
(3) Uttar Pradesh
(4) Bihar
Answer: Tamil Nadu
Question:  Under which Constitutional Amendment has, education for children between age from 6 to 14 years, become Fundamental Right ?
(1) 52nd Constitutional Amendment
(2) 73rd Constitutional Amendment
(3) 42nd Constitutional Amendment
( 4) 86th Constirutional Amendment
Answer: 86th Constirutional Amendment
Question:  Which is the longest and strongest bone in human body?
(1) Femur
(2) Tibia
(3) Fibula
( 4) Humerus
Answer: Femur
Question:  Which of the following Vitamin is soluble in water ?
(1) Vitamin D
(2) Vitamin A
(3) Vitamin E
(4) Vitamin C
Answer: Vitamin C
Question:  A student feels difficulty in reading the book on the table but reads properly the words written on the black-board. Her sight defect is
(1) Long-sightedness
(2) Short-sightedness
(3) Astigmatism
(4) Colour-blindness
Answer: Long-sightedness
Question:  B.C.G. vaccine prevents from which disease ?
(1) Small Pox
(2) Diphtheria
(3) Tuberculosis or T.B.
(4) Typhoid
Answer: Tuberculosis or T.B.
Question:  How many swaras (Shuddba and Vikrit) are there in Indian music ?
(1) Seven
(2) Nine
(3) Ten
(4) Twelve
Answer: Twelve
Question:  ‘Swami Haridas Sangeet Sammelan’ is held every year at
(1) Mumbai
(2) Amritsar
(3) Agra
(4) Jabalpur
Answer: Mumbai
Question:  Tansen was a court musician of
(1) Humayun
(2) Bahadur Shah Zafar
(3) Akbar
(4) Aurangzeb
Answer: Akbar
Question:  Which epic wrote by ‘Jaidev’?
(1) Rag Tarangini
(2) Swarmeil-Kalanidhi
(3) Geet Govind
(4) Hridaya Kautuk
Answer: Geet Govind
Question:  Perspective is
(1) the depth of field.
(2) the height of figure.
(3) the length of figure.
( 4) the circle of figure.
Answer:  the depth of field
Question:  The paintings of Ajanta belongs to which religion ?
(1) Jain
(2) Sanatan
(3) Bauddh
(4) Christian
Answer: Bauddh
Question:  By applying continuous line to create shading light effect is called
(1) Sfoomato
(2) Etching
(3) Hatching
( 4) Cherasquero
Answer: Hatching
Question:  The ‘Madhubani’ folk-art style from which state ?
(1) Bihar
(2) Uttarakhand
(3) Madhya Pradesh
( 4) Uttar Pradesh
Answer: Bihar
Question:  Khaira disease of paddy occurs by the deficiency of which element ?
(1) Nitrogen
(2) lron
(3) Zinc
( 4) Potash
Answer: Zinc
Question:  Potato is
(1) Root
(2) Stem
(3) Flower
(4) Leaf
Answer: Stem
Question:  Kharif crop is
(1) Wheat
(2) Paddy
(3) Potato
(4) Gram
Answer: Paddy
Question:  Origin place of maize is
( 1) India
(2) China
(3) America
( 4) Russia
Answer: America
Question:  The colour of ‘Tag’ stitched on bag of certified seeds is
(1) Blue
(2) White
(3) Red
(4) Yellow
Answer: Blue
Question:  The term Olericulture is related to
( 1) Vegetable Science
(2) Flower Science
(3) Crop Science
( 4) Fruit Science
Answer: Vegetable Science

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

BTC Primary Level UPTET 2016 / English Subjec, UPTET answer key 2016

Uttar Pradesh eligibility test examination 2016 answer key. This is not an official answer key so please if you got any mistake then please leave a comment on the comment box at the bottom of this page. We will upload the answer keys for all the subjects so please stay tuned with this page we will upload the answer key as soon as possible.

BTC Primary Level UPTET 2016 / English Subject

What kind of adjective is used in the following sentence --
Ans : Demonstrative

Choose the correct word to complete the following sentence --
He insisted ……….seeing the documents
Ans : on

How did Luz Long help Josse Owens ? --
Ans : Luz Long advised Josse to draw a line a few inches behind the board and aim at making his take off form there.
Complete the following : --
Man is born, according to H.W. Longfellow, …………..
Ans : to be up and doing

Complete the following sentence by choosing the correct option --
No sooner did we go out on the road ………. it began to rain heavily.
Ans : than

The Correct feminine of “ RAM” is --
Ans : EWE
Complete the following sentence with the correct option --
Ans : Yours
Identify the correct reported form of the given sentence : --
Ravi said to his friend, “ Work hard “.
Ans : Ravi advised his friend to work hard.
Choose the correct figures of speech in the following sentence --
Her Mother too upon this occasion felt a pleasing distress.
Ans : Oxymoron

Choose the word opposite in the meaning to the given word :--
Ans : Strength

Didactic poetry means --
Ans : Poetry which inspires

Fill in the blanks with the suitable form the verb –
Either Munni or Chunni ………….. lost her pen.
Ans : Has

Point out the word that has been wrongly used in this sentence if you lose your passport in a foreign country it will effect you badly ---
Ans : Effect

Poetry Teaching should be basically a process of --
Ans : JOY
What are the two productive Skills ?
Ans : Listening – Speaking

Linguistics is a study of --
Ans : Sounds

Dyslexia is associated mainly with difficulties in --
Ans : Speaking

The purpose of “ Rapid Reading “ is
Ans : Extended Reading

What does the Ganges symbolize, according to Jawaharlal Neharu ?
Ans : It is a symbol of India”s age – long culture and civilization.

What damaged the crop in Lencho’s field ?
Ans : Hailstones

what does Larenzo order when he learns that Portia is on her way to Belmont --
Ans : Music

In Court how does Antonio react to Shylock’s insistence on collecting his pound of flesh --
Ans : He makes an impassioned plea to the court to intervene on his behalf.

According to Lorenzo’s plan, how will Jessica escape form her father’s house ?
Ans : She will disguise herself as Lorenzo’s torch bearer and slip out undetected.

How does Shylock initially describe his demand for a pound of flesh to Bassanio and Antonio ?
Ans : As an opportunity for revenge

What reason does Antonio give for being sad the opening scene of the play ?
Ans : He gives no reason
Whom does Bassanio agree to bring with him to Belmont --
Ans : Gratiano

Point out the error in the following incorrect sentence --
Ans : Than speeches

Point out the sentence in the active voice --
Ans : Boys could not have done all this damage.

Point out the correct word to bring out the meaning in the sentence --
Ans : Camouflage

Point out the correct indirect speech of the sentence :--
“Would you like to come with us ?”
Ans : They invited me to go with them.

Primary Level UPTET 2016 / Environmental Education, UPTET Answer Key 2016

Uttar Pradesh eligibility test examination 2016 answer key. This is not an official answer key so please if you got any mistake then please leave a comment on the comment box at the bottom of this page. We will upload the answer keys for all the subjects so please stay tuned with this
page we will upload the answer key as soon as possible.

Primary Level UPTET 2016 / Environmental Education 

A Teacher’s most precious item is his--
Ans : Students Faith

A hypothesis tested repeatedly and not found incorrect becomes --
Ans : Theory

Which of the following is a suitable method of teaching --
Ans : Lecture and Dictation

Which of the following is not a green house gas --
Ans : Helium

The unit used for measuring noise Pollution is --
Ans : Decibel

Which of the following revers fall into the bay of Bengal --
Ans : Subarnrekha

Which of the following landforms is formed by the action of glaciers
Ans : U-Shaped Valley

Rakesh of class – V usually does not submit his assignment to the EVS teacher on time. The best corrective measure could be to --
Ans : Find out the reasons of irregularities and council Rakesh

Which city is called lake city in MP --
Ans : Bhopal ( Bhojpal lake )
Which of the following seas separate Europe form Africa --
Ans :  Mediterranean Sea

International ‘ Ozone Day ‘ is celebrated on --
Ans : 16 September

In a food-chain, herbivores are --
Ans : Primary Consumer

The cycling of elements in an ecosystem is called --
Ans : Bio-geo chemicals cycles

Which one of the follwing fuels causes minimum environmental Pollution --
Ans : Hydrogen

An endangered animal Giant Panda is found in --
Ans : China

Bhopal Gas Tragedy occurs due to the release of --
Ans : Methyl Isocynate

Christmas is celebrated in Summer in which country --
Ans : Australia

Gir wildlife Sanctuary is known for the conservation of which of the following animals --
Ans : Lion
Green Mufler is related to --
Ans : Noise Pollution

The important source of energy in Geo-ecosystem is--
Ans : Sun

Which of the following is a natural vegetation of Desert regions --
Ans : Cactus

Titan is the natural satellite of which planet --
Ans : Saturn

Which one of the following is a bio-diesel crop --
Ans : Jatropha
In Which Year the Environment Protection Act was passed --
Ans : 1986

The “ Global Warning “ is due to --
Ans : Increase in carbon dioxide

Which of the following has the largest biodiversity --
Ans : Tropical evergreen rain forest biome

Which of the following soils is formed by lava --
Ans : Black soil

Which layer of the atmosphere prevents Ultraviolet rays form coming on the surface of earth --
Ans : Stratosphere

The Ganga Action Plan launched to improve the --
Ans : Water Quality

The name of the bio-pesticides producing tree is --
Ans : Neem

Monday, 5 December 2016

GK Trick, GK Tricks,bharat ke pramukh nritya, भारत के प्रमुख नृत्य

भारत के प्रमुनृत्य 

(trick ) केरल की कथा  *  केरल - कत्थक कली
पंजे में भांग डालो * पंजाब - भांगड़ा
असम की बहु  * असम - बिहू 
अरुण का मुखौटा *  अरुणांचल प्रदेश - मुखौटा 
गुजर गई गरीबी * गुजरात - गरबा
झाड़ू में 
छाऊ * झारखण्ड - छाऊ 
UK में गड़ा * उत्तराखंड - गढ़वाली 
कुआ * आन्ध्रप्रदेश - कुचीपुड़ी 
छतरी में गाड़ी * छत्तीसगढ़ - गाड़ी 
 हिम्मत की धमाल * हिमाचल प्रदेश - धमाल 
गोवा की मंडी * गोवा - मंडी 
बंगले की काठी *  बगला - काठी 
नाग की चोंच * नागालैंड - चोंग 
मे ला * मेघालय - लावणी 
ओडिशा - ओडिशी 
जमूरा * जम्मू कश्मीर - राउफ 
भा त  * तमिलनाडु - भरतनाट्यम 

बुद्धि का सिद्धान्त, समूह कारक सिद्धान्त, samuh karak sidhant, samuh kark sidhant

बुद्धि का सिद्धान्त 

समूह कारक सिद्धान्त  - इसके प्रतिपादक थर्सटन व कैली थे।  इसके अनुसार बुद्धि का निर्माण कुछ विशेष कारको के समूह कारको के समूह द्वारा होता है। 
कैली के अनुसार बुद्धि 9  प्रकार की मानसिक योग्यताओ के समूह से बानी है जबकि थर्स्टन के अनुसार बुद्धि का निर्माण 7 प्रकार की मानसिक योग्यताओ से हुआ है।  
इसके प्रयोग से विश्लेषण विधि विकसित हुई। 

बुद्धि के सिद्धान्त,बहु कारक सिद्धान्त, Bahukarak sidhant, bhu kark sidhant, bahu kark sidhant

बुद्धि के सिद्धान्त 

बहु कारक सिद्धान्त - इसका प्रतिपादन थॉर्नडाइक द्वारा किया गया।  जिन्होंने स्पीयर  द्वी कारक सिद्धान्त का खंडन किया।
इनके अनुसार बुद्धि का निर्माण केवल दो नही बल्कि बहुत से कारको  होता है।
इसकी तुलना डाल्टन के आण्विक सिद्धान्त से की जाती है।